Should you volunteer or is it the most stupid idea ever

Are you thinking about volunteering? Is it good? Is it valuable? Is it stupid? Is it waste of time? Is it naive…to work and not get paid?

I never went somewhere to volunteer but I was participating at some projects where I was contributing but didnt get paid for it.

My parents say that it is stupid to volunteer..this is how I know that it is good to volunteer. Whatever is opposite from my parents world view is good for me. Joking here but I think it is good.

People that are not willing to do anything freely will never achieve big things in life. They have too limited world view, they are usually arrogant and lacking any depth of emotions.

Dont get me wrong that I am saying that people who dont volunteer are bad in any way, absolutely no. But I think that people who are not willing to do anything for free definitely cannot see bigger picture of life.

Also, you dont want to be naive so that people are taking advantage of you and using you not paying you back in any way.  

Overall, I think volunteering can be excellent opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, experience something and learn value beyond money.

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