Why everybody should learn to do backflip?

I think everybody should learn to do backflip.

Thats right. And of course, now you ask yourself, why? What is even a point of it? What is practical use of it?

Well practical use can be greater than you think.

Imagine if you have never done backflip before or you dont have any experience in anything similar… The desire to throw yourself backwards like that is not very strong in your mind. There are lots of limitations… But as you start practicing it, at one point you will just have to make a leap. Will you execute it at first serious try or no…is not really important…It is important that you took that leap…. And then lets say after some time you learn to execute backflip.. What will (hopefully) happen in your attitude? All of sudden you will start thinking, man, I can do much more than I thought. A whole new realm of possibilities will open. Your perception of what is possible and what it not, is going to change. And if you start to explore this even further and you start to do gymnastics, parkour, breakdance, capoeira or some extreme sport…. your whole perception on life will shift. It will transfer to all areas of your life.

Lets say you feel stuck in life. In job, relationship, money problems, lacking assertiveness, anything that is holding you back… By practicing extreme sports, all of sudden you will start thinking, man, how can I jump out of it… And you will start taking action in order to get unstuck.

Your whole chemistry of body changes once when you learn to execute backflip or anything else. It doesnt have to necessarily be a backflip. In this case, backflip is only a symbol and metaphor.

It doesnt matter what will you do, skateboarding, bmx tricks, cliff jumping, rock climbing… Whenever you engage in this extreme experiences, something happens to you. A profound change. You will go through life being able to take a leap in almost every situation… It doesnt matter if you have to talk to someone, call someone, write something, draw something, learn something new, make initiative… you will be ready.

By executing any extreme move, you train your mind to have faith in yourself, to jump regardless of feeling fear… To move instead to be paralyzed.

I hope you find this post to be valuable and that you will start thinking about practicing something little dangerous.

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