How do you mean you have no inspiration for writing?

Not having inspiration for writing? Not having topics? Impossible.

I can understand that you dont have time and that sometimes writing is not your priority in life. Thats fine.. But to say that you want to write but you dont have inspiration and that you dont know what to write about… How is that possible?

That tells me that this person is too self-centered and thinks only about his small world. There are so many things to write about. Just look around. Endless possibilities and topics. Look around yourself.

I love to read about nature, animals, history, religion… and now I started to read about technology as well.. But I realized, I need to read even more. I need to go even deeper in those topics, develop those ideas in my head and then I can write about it as well. You have to expand your levels of knowledge and awareness. Especially if you want to go big. You have to be like hunter. You need to hunt knowledge and ideas. You need to pursue it.

If you dont have any knowledge, ideas or insights…then what are you going to write about? If you write just for the sake of writing, then you will not have topics. You have to go beyond yourself to find interesting topics.

You cannot write about how for already three days you have no inspiration to write and how you are facing some creative block and that you dont know how long it is going to last and how this is hard period for you and you are not even sure if you are going to write anymore and blah blah blah…. You are not providing value. Stop looking at yourself. You have no inspiration because you are looking into wrong things. Look around. Look outside. There you will find inspiration.

But this is not just about writing… It is about everything else in life. Dont spend so much time being focused on yourself. Go out of yourself. Spread yourself all over the place…


  1. I agree completely. I have so many things I would like to write about. I have to discipline myself to limit what I write about to a few topics. I can take notes on a lot of topics, but the writing on many needs to wait til a later date. I love to read, so my topics are prolific. I love writing, so I write – and I write some more. I have learned to set goals and strive to achieve them. I agree with those who say in order to write well, one must read unceasingly. Thank You for sharing. I like what you have said!

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