Promotion and marketing. Think like president candidate

Think like you are president candidate. Right now in Croatia we have elections for president. I believe that in USA, time of elections are close as well.?

I am watching Croatian candidates and the way they are promoting themselves and I am learning a very valuable lessons here. Watching their campaigns, you can see that president candidate needs to become omnipresent in order for people to notice him and take him seriously. They are everywhere, they are giving interviews, appearing on TV, appearing on Internet, they have their websites, they are reaching people, they go in homeless shelters, they visit business companies, small business owners, sports team, they collaborate with celebrities, singers and actors, they are visiting villages, they are communicating with priests, bishops, minorities, children, retired people… I mean they are everywhere. In shelter for abandoned animals, in national parks… It is only a matter of time when they will get involved with young YouTube influencers.

Now, you might say that they are everywhere because of bad intentions and that they want to manipulate image of themselves.. But fact is, everybody know about them. Every family in Croatia is talking about their names, people in bus are talking about them, newspapers are writing about them, everywhere you go, people are talking about them. It is next level of promotion and marketing.

Now, here is a tricky thing. Only one of them will win… What does that mean? That means that there is a great chance that you spent all that money and effort on promotions and you lose. But it is not a loss in reality. Now you have reputation. People want to do business with you, they are calling you, inviting you, still thinking about you….It only opens you more doors.

You have to think the same. How can you become omnipresent? How can you be everywhere? How can everybody know about you? How can you make people to think and talk about you? How can you get your message to be heard.

But most people are afraid to promote themselves because they are afraid of falling short regarding expectations that they put for themselves. They are afraid of criticism, about losing their privacy… Which is fine. But if you have to go big, you will have to expose yourself.

So if you want to learn promotion and marketing, watch presidents. Dont read books and watch videos about promotions and marketing. Learn from best. Learn from people that are promoting themselves to whole nation.

Of course, you are not running for president and you dont have to go big like them, but still, learn from them.

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