Ancient China and their sophisticated spirit

Ancient China. I know so little about it. Being raised and influenced by Western culture, I never had a chance to learn much about it. So those Chinese people always seemed like aliens to me, like little strange, loving and kind creatures. Dont get me wrong, I like Chinese people and in fact, I was amazed and fascinated by doing little research on ancient China.

The thing that amazed me the most was their sophisticated spirit. Even before new era (Christ era), Chinese people were known for having polished spirits. They were interested in poetry, philosophy, reading, contemplating, writing…all that while doing their tai-chi moves… or whatever is the original name.

Topics they were thinking about are, gratitude, happiness, peace, being one with everything, harmony with nature, being detached, being clean, pure, gracious, letting things to flow, letting go of things, enjoying little and small, simple life, not being lost in thousands desires for pleasure, not being trapped by material world…. I mean, beautiful topics. And the fact that they figure those movements… That they were able to recognize that energy gets stuck in body and by moving it, that energy can flow freely and man becomes harmonious.

Only today we are starting to recognize the wisdom of ancient China on the West.


  1. Yes, I have learned some about the ancient culture in China. You are right it was very sophisticated. Many of the characteristics and abilities of which you speak have to do with meditation and mind over body, emotion and surroundings. The sad part about the western culture just realizing much of this is that the Native Americans also exhibited these characteristics, traits, abilities. This was not recognized by those immigrating to the new world though. I believe the reason being they were perceived as savages — largely because of dress and their response to being attacked and booted from their homes. They believed in being one with nature and leaving the area in the same or better condition than when one moved there. It is sad, but much of ancient culture in the world was more cultivated and ingrained than it is today. Thank You for the insight!

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