Best pizza ever

For all food lovers… Do you know where is best pizza ever?  In which place, in which city? How do they make this pizza? What is recipe? What makes it so good? Will they share their secret or are they hiding it because they dont want anyone to make such pizza?

All that doesnt matter…good pizza has nothing to do with location. Good pizza is mental thing. Imagine you are dying of hunger. Not literally, but you are hungry like a wolf. You just cant wait to grab something and eat. In that state of mind, in that hunger, whatever you eat will be best thing ever. If you dont know what I am talking about, you havent been hungry for a long period of time my friend.

Imagine that you had lunch 2,3 hours ago… And your friend comes and says, come on, I know where is best pizza in town, lets eat. And you are like, I am not hungry… Even if you go to eat it, it wont be such a pleasure… Or in another scenario, all day you are working, physically you are exhausted and like hungry wolf you cant wait to put something in your mouth… And you see small local pizza place, you will be like, lets go. And you will eat one of best pizza ever.

People so often forgot that you need to be little bit hungry to truly enjoy your food.

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