Is our mind coded and programmed?

As I started my journey learning about technology, Internet, computers, how everything works…. a few question popped in my mind. Are we, human beings, just like computers? Are we already programmed? Did someone put some kind of code in us?  What is going on? Do we have free will? Or are we born tabula rasa? Are we born without any code and programme in our brains? But most importantly, how much power and freedom do we actually have?

When we think about things like this, I think it is important to avoid black-white conclusions. We all know that DNA and genetics are big factors on our biology… But question what people have been asking for centuries… Are we coded and programmed when it comes to our destiny? To our psychology? Our character traits? Our desires, wants and needs? Our opinions, beliefs, worldviews, talents, skills, abilities? How much of this is programmed before our birth? Is anything of this programmed? What is spirit? What is free will? What is mind? Are we free?

If you look around at nature, you will see that everything is coded. Trees are growing, birds can fly, mosquitoes can be boring and annoying, animals need to reproduce, land can give food…. Someone or some kind of force had to create that according to some programme. And the same thing is, I believe with our psychology. I believe that we have code as well. Why someone is great engineer and someone else is great athlete? People are born with gifts, talents, flaws, errors…It is so complex… and we do carry around a call of destiny… But that doesnt mean that there is no room for free will. You will not become great engineer if you are not working constantly. And you will not become great athlete if you sit on couch all day. It is up to you. I believe Universe is 50:50. 50% of your character and destiny is already coded, programmed and destined.. And 50% is your free will. You do have freedom. Right now while I am writing this, I can take my laptop in my hands and I can smash it into the wall. Or I can smash it on someone’s head. Right now I can take knife and cut my finger. I can go out. I can run. I can jump. Right now I can do many possible things. We do have free will, people only lack creativity, thats why they are always stuck in same habits and routines.

We are individuals but we are part of something. Something big is happening and we only play our role here. We are part of big programme with possibility to make our own conclusions and decisions. Isnt that beautiful? It seems that our creator really is a loving being.


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