No amounts of fitness can make you badass

So many people spent countless hours working out, in gym, trying to eat right, counting calories, paying personal trainers, reading motivational quotes, spending big amounts of money on supplements and I dont know what else…. Most of them do it because they are insecure… Somehow fitness is supposed to help them. Fitness should fill something which is lacking.

Who am I? Am I one of those lazy haters that will tell you that you are superficial if you start to workout? No… In fact, I think fitness and health are great forces in world.

So many people have said that fitness and working out helped them to not get into trouble. It helped them to stay away from crime, problems… It helped them psychologically to be mentally healthy, to throw away all that unnecessary energy.

And it has been my experience as well. I was in position when I didnt had anything going on in my life. I didnt know where to go. What to do.. All I had was my body and all I could do was push-ups, pull-ups, running, sprinting, jumping… Doing that regularly everyday, and after couple of months, you feel that you are different person. More confident, more energetic… You have an outlet for your endless energy. But working out doesnt pay you bills.. Right? At least not in my case.

The thing is, working out did made me more confident and I liked that, so I started working-out more and more because I wanted to be even more confident. But however, something was lacking.

But what was lacking?

Something which many people try to find in gym. But they are looking for it in wrong place. And let me tell you what it was in my experience. I was working out alone, I didnt effect anyone. I didnt helped anyone. I didnt do any difference in world. I didnt change anything. I didnt made any impact in my environment. I didnt had entrepreneurial spirit, I didnt have plans for future, I was not writing… I didnt have perspective. Now those things are changing slowly and I am figuring out my way. I dont exercise so much anymore, but I can tell you one thing, I feel more confident than when I was exercising big hours.

And then I see young guys around me, they are working out, buying supplements, chasing their health and wellness. It makes me sad. But why? Because you have to invest a lots of time and energy in fitness but you get very little back in return and plus, it is only you. You cannot feel good about yourself if you are not helping anyone and effecting people around you.

If you love fitness so much, then think about becoming personal trainer. Or start YouTube channel. Or become professional athlete… If not, then stop wasting so much time on it.

You can work out, get muscles, get 8 hours of sleep and drink plenty of water…. But that cannot change the fact that you dont have vision for your life, that you are lacking purpose and perspective. And man with vision and purpose is badass. Man that can start something, change something… Influence someone, make difference in world… Create something out of nothing… is bigger badass than someone who has only muscles.

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