Transcend your current thoughts and conversations in order to grow

Few days ago I sat down with my old friend that I didnt had a chance to see couple of years. While we were in high-school period, we were hanging out almost every day. Nothing special. Just a stupid two young teenagers that were embarrassing themselves… But I dont judge it. It is part of growing up. It is ok to be stupid in that period.

And now we finally met again and it didnt took me long to realize that this is going to be a complete waste of time. He didnt change much. He is still like teenager. His worldview didnt change a lot. He is mindlessly laughing, telling cheap jokes and you cant get him into any kind of deeper conversation.

I am telling him how I am trying to think like entrepreneur lately and how I have a big desire to do something. And he tells me, nah, you wont make it, it is impossible to make it in Croatia. Politicians are corrupted, it is too hard, you wont make it.

Then what should I do? –I asked him. Should I never try?

„No. You can try but you will see that you will not make it.“

And inside me, flames of passion and anger are accumulating and slowly they start to come up on surface. And I told him:

„You know what. You are right. People like you will not succeed. And do you know why? Because you are still having the same conversations like couple of years ago. You are talking about best pizza and hamburgers in town, you are talking about who has which kind of car, and you are impressed by new mobile phones, and you are talking about elections… You have zero chance to make anything of your life. You need to go beyond this topics in order to achieve something. You cant be, act and think like everybody else and except to have different results.. You need to transcend those topics… Do you even know what it means to ‘transcend’?“…

No, I dont know. – he said

What is last book that have you read? – I asked him.

I dont read books. – he told me

But you do watch new movies and you know all actors and all directors and you know who got oscars and you know about all new movies that are going to come out… And did that make you successful or rich? No, it didnt. Because you are accumulating wrong knowledge and wrong informations. Your whole thinking is not correct. You put too much focus on things that are not giving you anything back in return. You dont have any strategy for your future. – I am ranting.

Calm down.. Why did you get so….? – he doesnt know how to react.

No, no. You started first. – I said to him. You say that I cannot make it in Croatia… And you dont know anything about me. You didnt ask me what is my strategy and my plan. You didnt ask me anything, you have no clue and you are already putting me in some kind of box.

However, the rest of our meeting was very awkward.

My point is, too many people are coming to conclusions that they cant do anything. But you have to elevate your thinking. You have to ask different questions.. You cannot think about food, movies, cars, phones… You have to think, how can I open my own restaurant? How can I get in movie business? How can I write a screenplay that will mind-blow everybody? Oh, I dont even know how to write.. I should try it. I should start reading. Should I write a book? Can I make some money by writing book? What if I write next best-seller? How can I get into real-estates? Hmm. I need to think. Everybody have smartphones today, even I have it. What if I learn to fix smartphones?? I will never be without business if I do that. Then I can also learn how to fix computers, play stations. Hmm, play station, video games? Can I come up with idea for new video game? How can I even make a video game? Who I need to know? If I have idea, who can I contact? Omg, there is so much that I dont know. I dont know anything about business. I got some learning to do. It is time that I figure out all that stuff.  But how can I learn all that? Should I go back on college? Should I read books? Is there some kind of magazine or website that is providing information daily. Do I know anyone that has opened their own business? I should meet with them and get some information. In fact, I am going to go in some company and I will ask them directly how did they start their own business. Will they reject me? I have to smile and be kind, likeable. Oh shit, I need to learn some social skills. How it comes that they never teached me this in school? Who can help me? I cant do anything without money. How do I get money? With my job, I will have to work 40 years to save some money and that still wouldnt be enough… I dont want to wait 40 years, I want to start while I am still young. How can I get money? I need to find investors.. But is that safe? How much money will go to my investors and how much money will go to me? I need to inform myself. I cant do everything on my own. I need more people. I need to organize them. I think that I am starting to understand this whole thing…

You see, you have to think, ask questions. Question are opening your mind. Answers are closing it. You cant think about mediocre things… You cannot think the same anymore. You have to transcend thoughts and conversations that you are having daily and you have to elevate your thinking.

My message is not that everybody should be an entrepreneur, but my message is that whatever you do, dont be mediocre. Go all in. Dive deep.


  1. This is an awesome post. You are one hundred percent correct. A lot of people don’t ever grow after high school. Beyond that, so many people will laugh and tell you that you cannot make it even though they never even tried and have no evidence of this. You are on the right track. Keep growing and learning and improving and you will have an amazing life. Great post!

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