Your computer cannot multitask

So as you maybe know, recently I started learning about computers, technology, data and how it all works… And I am fascinated to the death with it.

How is average person spending his time on computer? He plays music, reads emails, surf internet, downloading something, playing videos, texting… and meanwhile while he does all that, computer is running many other process…

But here is the thing. Computer cannot multitask.

Now you might say, how is that possible..?? I am doing multiple tasks on my computer all the time…????

Truth is, your computer can only focus at one process at the time. It cannot work on multiple processes at once. But how is then possible to play music and answer emails at the same time? Your computer is rapidly changing between this processes. So rapidly that you cannot see anything and you have no idea that something is going on. Computer switches from this process to next process and then next, and next one and next one, and it is changing around all this active processes. It is such an unimaginable speed. That means that when you play song, your song goes on and off while computer is changing between all other active process, and you have a feeling that your song is playing all the time. Can you imagine such a speed? It is so fascinating.

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