How to succeed coming from small place?

How to succeed coming from small place?

I am from one small place place in Zagreb, Croatia.

Small place and small minds. Get a job, hold a job, on your way home buy some groceries, come home and watch television for the rest of the day.

But I dont want that… I am saying this my whole life.

Other day I run up to one of my friend from Elementary school… Whats’up?? Whats’up?? How are you? Good. You? Also good. Oh, good…. and you know how it goes. He told me that he has a job now but he is not satisfied and he wants to start something on his own. What exactly? – I asked him. He is not still quite sure what he wants to start…but he want to open something in our place…

Now, our small place counts only 6 000 people. You cant make serious money here. You have to think outside your small place. You are limited in place like this.. Plus, there are no rich people here… Everybody are struggling. No one has money to give you… If you start something here, you will have to work twice as much as on your regular job…and you will not make quite a lot of money. It is going to be frustrating. It is not solution. But what should you focus on then? Should you focus on whole Croatia??? Yes if you make some kind franchise or chain of something…. But still, however, Croatia counts only 4 000 000 people. Isnt that enough? Yes, but if you want to go really big, you have to think worldwide.  How can you affect whole Europe? How can you affect USA? How can you affect people in Asia?

But most people dont want that. They want to remain local. But you cannot make any significant difference by staying local. And plus, you will work your ass off. If that is what you want, then fine…

But all that is individually. Each individual decides what is enough for him.

But if you are from small place… You cant do much there. Maybe if you have some kind of creative idea…But you are very limited. Best thing you can do when you are in small place is to learn English and to learn how to use Internet. It opens whole world for you. My father cannot go worldwide. He can only stay in our small place…  But if you know English, if you know how to use Internet, you can go wherever you want. Now with my laptop I can communicate with people all over the world. People from Asia, people from Australia, UK, USA… My father can watch those people only on television… and if they dont put Croatian subtitles, my father cannot understand what those people are saying.

He is limited. He cant effect whole world. Unless he invents something completely new, if he creates some innovation… then his innovation can go world wide.. but still. He cant speak English… someone will always have to be there for him and speak in his name.

Ma father and other people from my neighborhood are constantly angrily shouting how you cannot make big money here.. Of course you cannot. You are in your small place your whole life, you dont know anyone outside of that place, no one knows you,… In order to create something, you have to affect people on large scale… There is no rich or successful person that is focused only on his local clients. Every successful business or company is focused on wide circle of all kinds of people. Evey year big companies are expanding in new countries…

You dont have to do that.. But dont say that politics sucks and that you cannot make significant money. You can, but you have to effect big number of people.

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