This summer (2019) was definitely one of the best summers in my life. I spent it on village with my grandparents. And I remember one day there were some activites on river that is close to us. I went there with my grandparents and some our neighbors.

It was such a great day. Sun, river, people were dancing around, singing, eating, talking, hanging-out… Kids are running around. Boys and girls everywhere. Young people, old people.. dogs.. People are swimming, jumping in river, kayaking… Everybody were happy that day. In the evening, river is already becoming colder, Sun is disappearing from the horizon and my grandparents are calling me to get out so that we can go home. As I was putting on dry clothes, I will never forgot what my grandfather told. He said: „If only people could live like this for thousands of years.“ And it hit me so hard. My grandfather is 74. I can understand his yearning, his longing. I have the same longing in my heart as well. It is a longing for eternity. A desire for God, for everlasting peace, everlasting joy.And I am thinking. Today, we all are happy..but tomorrow..we will all be back to our small little worlds and worries. To our routines, our habits, our frustrations… So I am leaving river with mixed emotions.. Part of me is so happy and joyous and part of me is sad…but not depressed sad…more like happily sad… and I am thinking, everything comes to an end. It comes and goes. Nothing lasts forever…. At lest not here in Earth.


  1. Yes, I have learned to treasure the happy and joyous times — to store them up in my contentment place — so when I am not able to access those times in my daily routine, I can conjure the memory and feel content. The apostle Paul said he had “learned in whatever state (situation) he found himself to be content.” It took some time and a lot of energy, but I have learned that as well. It is a blessing to have reached this internal happiness. Life has many unhappy times, but I focus on the blessings received and the lessons learned rather than the pain. It makes the mundane times joyous. Thank You! To hear such from a young person is very inspiring. Many young people will have no idea how to appreciate those times to which you refer. Treasure those memories, store them away for when you can no longer share those times with your grandparents. Write about those times, as you have above. Talk to them about their lives when they were young – write that down too. Ask them about the wisdom tha age has give them. Treasure what you can learn from them. Thank You for sharing!

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