How to be likeable

How to be likeable? Not popular, not famous, but simply likeable…

And I think in order to be that, people have to feel that they can talk about everything in your presence… They need to feel comfortable around you… If they want to talk about themselves, their emotions, their family or they want to talk about religion, politics, cars, science, history, animals, pets, gardening…. Whatever they want to talk about, if they feel that they can come to you and say it…and you talk back with them without judging them… people will like you.

There is nothing worse than when you say something to someone and that person thinks that you are weird and is passively-aggressively judging you. It should be allowed that you can punch that person in face… Who is going to like you if someone comes to you with their thoughts and you mock them or ignore them or whatever…???? You are not human being. You are monster.

So often people have to hold back. So often you have your own opinion but you cannot express it because this person cannot understand it…but not only that..they dont even want to understand it… People are not listening… And then it happens that you have to compromise.. You cannot speak your mind and heart.. You are repressed. Because if you do speak what is on your mind, you risk the fact that you will not be accepted and that you will be considered weird.

Dont be that person. Dont be that judging soul-less man. Be person that can talk about multiple topics… Even if you dont know anything about that topic, ask this person to talk more about it and you only listen..then you ask created conversation now…and this person feels good around you because they feel that they can come to you and say the most weird thing ever and you will talk with them…


  1. Yes! It is best to be non-judgemental and listen to others. Many of us are repressed these days from saying what we want around certain people. The people like that though, alienate themselves over time. People get tired of heir ways and move on. So they can either change or be alone. You make some great points here.

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    1. Absolutely. I agree with you. The biggest problem is when you are not aware of it and you try to prove something to those people.. That is a trap. It is best to just leave them alone and minimize conversation as much as possible. Thank you for commenting.

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