Long hours

Unfortunately, we are all limited with time… If you ask me, I think the best option would be that one day has 100 hours…that you need 1 hour of sleep and that you can live for at least 1 000 years…. And of course, you cannot die by accident in the mean time. No bullet can kill you. Only old-age…. Ah. That is just my fantasy…

However, here on planet Earth, situation is little bit different. We are all battling time and we are trying to figure it out how to manage it in order to get done as much as possible. Lets say you have three hours to do whatever you want… What would it be? How would you manage it?

I would do something like this: 1 hour of reading, 1 hour of writing and 1 hour of exercising…

Which is very bad way to manage time..at least in my experience..

So often I want to do everything…. I am just adding things that I want to do in day…And days are so short…

What happens? It happens that I am in the thousand different places at same time and anything I do is not quality activity.

Instead of separating three hours and doing three different things in those hours…it is better to do only one thing for three hours.

You cannot become great at anything if you do it only for one hour.

You have to put long hours in it. If you give yourself a limit of only one hour, there is an easy way out… one hour will go by very soon…So you will not give your best. But if you decide to do something for four or five hours…you are stuck…there is no easy way out… Now you will start to think…ok, what can I do in those 4 or 5 hours… One hour it is only a warm up… long hours, this is where game is… Here is greatness, creativity… You are forced to become creative.

I found myself at my best only if I put long hours into something… If I do things quickly, fast, I am not giving myself an opportunity to reach that mental state where you become so focused and so lost in your obsession that five hours have gone by and you cant believe it… If I decide to exercise, I am going to exercise for four hours… Now you may say that four hours is too much… But it is not…. What can you do in those four hours…You can do cardio, lifting weights, stretching, yoga, various movements, dancing…and then you can learn new things.. Handstand, headstand, back-flip, breakdance moves…. You can do many things in those four hours.

If I read a book. Two hours minimum… If I cannot dedicated two full hours for reading, I am not even going to read…

Reading and learning new things…right now I am learning about technology…I want to focus on it 4-5 hours in a day… 

That is on a day-to-day… But you also have to put long months into something.. I realized that when I spent whole summer on village…

Wherever I am, whatever I do..I want to stick with it… I cannot be like butterfly that lands somewhere and then flies somewhere else… and somewhere else.. and somewhere else… Which I do very often because I want to experience everything… But it is not effective… and it doesnt have a depth.

So now I have totally different approach to my days..Instead of doing many things that day… I am going to focus only on 2-3 activities…

Only in long hours, when I am bleeding, I am sweating. I am tired… Only then do I truly wake up… Only then I am at my best…. Only then I am in the middle of heat… Then things starts to happen… If I dedicate only one hour to something, I can never reach that state.


  1. I agree. Long hours do pay off over time. You see things that you didn’t before because your focus is better. Life is so full of distractions these days that his can be difficult but you just have to make it happen. It sounds like you’re on the right path, though. Best of wishes to you!

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