People are hiding in their houses

As a child, I was big percentage of time outdoors. We were playing soccer on street, going in forest, doing parkour, climbing trees, playing….

But with the time, something changed. And I am not talking about the fact that I am not kid anymore… I am talking that now streets of my neighborhood are empty. I can go on walk and it will be like land of ghosts… Not to mention that we even have less children than we did 15, 20 years ago… What else is different than 15,20 years ago? My neighborhood is filled with new houses… Some are completely new-built but most of them already existed and now there was some work on them and so now they are beautiful new houses… And I am thinking, this is what happens… A houses happen.

What do I mean by that? What is house in its essential form? It is a shelter. Place where you go to sleep, rest… But today, house is so much more… It is everything.

And now people are hiding in houses. Now when most people have bigger houses, they have withdraw from outside life. They are hiding in their houses. And when you spend too much time in house, something happens to you psychologically I believe. That house, those walls isolate you from the real world. I think this is why number of mentally ill people is increasing… So many people in my neighborhood are using some kind of anti-depressants… And I believe it is due to the fact that we are isolated. People go on jobs, they return home and rest of the time they spend in their house. It is a prison.

As I kid, all I have to do is to walk out of my house and go to the crossroad of streets and someone was there..If I was only one, it wouldnt take too much for someone else to come. Today, I can go there and I can wait for hours and no one is going to come. In fact, people will say that I am out of my mind. Why is he just standing there?

So it became normal that you are in your house all the time. It is abnormal to be outside… And all that is making us sad and depressed but we are not aware of it.

However, when I am thinking about it, at least I came to conclusion that I will never buy or built big house. I want simple small house…I want boring house so that I got nothing to do in it and that I am forced to be outside…

I remember one summer when I was working in one hotel. They put me in one of their rooms to sleep. I only had bed and bathroom in that room. And I was never in that room unless I was sleeping or taking a bath… I didnt have anything to do in that room… Everything is happening outside… And my days were so full and fulfilling because I was forced to be outside… When you are whole day outdoors, outside of your room, something very satisfying happens to you. It is something raw and primal in you that finally becomes satisfied.

We have built our prisons and we are not even aware of it. And the biggest problem is that people will work their whole life just to get big house that is going to leave them empty. That house is stealing something from you.


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