How to start exercising?

How to start exercising? Exercising is not quantum physics. It is not philosophy. You dont need to be very intelligent to start…However, many people have hard time starting it. Why is that? And how to finally start and stay on tack?

Whoever is exercising regularly will tell you that it has become a habit. A pleasurable habit… Stress-reliever. And once when you start exercising, your body will crave exercise. Once you get used to all chemical reactions that are happening in your brain and body, you will start looking forward to it.

I remember when I started exercising. I didnt have nothing to do. I was bored, depressed. And I have read that exercising can help you with mood and depression. So I decided to exercise. So I did. 30 min here, 30 min there, 1 hour here… And during the day, I had multiple work-outs… Short-ones, long-ones. Wherever I find few minutes, I will do something. It became like obsession. However, it was working. Something was happening in my body and mind chemically. And next thing you know, exercising is your habit.

So try to start like this. Instead of fully committing couple of hours to it… Just put 15 minutes into it…then when you find time in day, put another 15, 20, 30 min… And during day, do it multiple times… Everybody can do it. You dont have to force yourself to do immediately long sessions. If you do it even for 5 minutes and do it multiple time a day, it will still have effect.

And I guarantee you, when you build this habit, you will be like…you know what, I can do more. Naturally you will start increasing your work-outs.

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