Is patience a virtue

Is patience a virtue?

You have probably heard many times that patience is a virtue. But is that really true? I think it depends on context of it.

Here is the thing, nothing can happen overnight. You cant lose weight tomorrow. You cannot save enough money tomorrow. You cannot become great painter tomorrow. So patience is definitely a virtue. Without it, you cannot achieve big things. But be careful of passive patience. Be careful of passively waiting something that will never come. When it comes to making things to happen, be impatient. Be totally restless and do it immediately. Dont wait for tomorrow or for next hour… Dont wait for new year.. Dont wait for your birthday, dont wait for Monday… That is a lie and illusion that keeps many of us feeling helpless like there is nothing to do… In reality, we can do very much. Right now. We just need to use our brain and think little harder. Use our imagination and our creativity.

I hear so many people talking about New Year and what they will do after it… But why wait?

Real patience is combination of action and commitment.

Patience without any commitment, any action or any activity is only passivity, laziness and fact that you are totally not creative.

And one more thing. Why are you still reading this post????? Is there something better ro do with  your time?????????

Why am I still even writing this post????? I am sure that I can as well something much more better to do.


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