Get new problems to become more intelligent

We all make mistakes. It is impossible to live without making mistakes. It is impossible to learn, to grow, to expand without making mistakes. However, there is one mistake that could cost you everything. And that mistake is, not moving quick enough, not learning fast enough. When you make a mistake, you have to change your thinking as quick as possible. You cannot remain the same after it.

Biggest mistake you can make is to stagnate in life. What does it mean to stagnate? It means that you got nothing new coming in your life. Everyday is the same. Same problems, same things to do, same conversations, same habits… Everything has become repetitive. And nothing kills your spirit and courage more than being stagnate in life. It will destroy you. Your mind become dull, your intelligence becomes dull. Only when you put yourself in new environments, only then you can continue your growth as individual. You have to create new problems and new obstacles in your life in order to become more capable and intelligent. Transcend your current problems and get new ones. Upgrade your problems. Change things that are happening around you.

It could be anything. A change of job, change of career, change of city or country where you are living, change of books that you are reading (you have to change your topics), change of your diet, your exercise routine, change of movies that you are watching, changing your current thoughts in your head with new one, change of priorities… You have to think, hey, I need a new outlook on life. Go from city to village. Or go from village to city. I need to learn how to cook, how to prepare my own food, I need to learn gardening. I can become a hunter. Or, I need to learn how to fix cars, I need to learn how cars are functioning. I need to learn how to fix computers. I need to learn how to code. I need to learn new language. I need to learn music instruments. I should start drawing, painting. I want to learn magic tricks with cards. I want to get married and have children. I want a new car. I want to build my own car in my garage. I want to become pilot and I want to fly airplanes. I want to become an actor in theater..

I could go on and on…

The thing is, get something new going on your life. You will become more intelligent, more sharp, more fulfilled… Identity of who you are will be expanding. And at the end of day, you will be happy. You have to flow all the time to be happy. You cannot stagnate… Stagnation is a death. Think how can you flow constantly.


  1. I recently moved and it changed my outlook a lot. I felt stagnant in the old place, like I was going nowhere like a hamster on a wheel. That is a terrible feeling. It is always good to shake things up like you say. Thanks so much for posting!

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