Writing and ADHD

Yesterday I had a conversation with my friend and we always have deep conversations where we are trying to figure out world around as. We never talk about how potatoes have become more expansive on market place. We never talk about wheater. Instead, we always end up in big discussions. Yesterday we were talking about human mind and ADHD.

I was never medically diagnosed with ADHD, but I am pretty sure that I do have some kind of it. Only difference is that my ADHD is not so much expressive. It is more like some kind of introverted ADHD. Meaning, I can be at peace, calm…not impulsive like people with ADHD (although sometimes I am like that as well), but mostly I am calm and collected… But inside, my mind is exploding with constant ideas, thoughts…. In one moment, I always have multiple things going on in my head, and always something new gets my attention.

I remember when I was a kid… And this is only one example… I was somewhere with my father… And car would pass by… And my father would ask me, did you saw that car? And I am like, no, I didnt saw any car… And my father would be, then where are you looking at????  I dont know…I guess I am looking in my mind because so many things are happening right now in me that I dont even see world around me.

However, I am not lost in time and space. I always know where is north and where is south. And when I am going to new places, I am very aware of my surroundings and I dont get forget a way. I can always connect, ok, this street leads to that street, I need to go there…oh look, this is probably a shortcut..I probably can go here…. But whenever I can, I stop to look world around me and I get lost in my thoughts.

My friend asked me, can writing help you with that??? Can writing help you with ADHD???

And I think that it can. When I am writing, the whole world slows down…. My millions of thoughts all of sudden stop…and it is like the whole Universe get cultivated at one point in my mind… And from that point, from that place, I am just choosing my thoughts and I am sending them on paper or on laptop. Writing has helped me to have control over my mind. Now I dont get lost so often in my thoughts…Now I am controlling my thoughts. I am paying more attention to the world around me…. So yes, writing can definitely be a therapy. It helps you develop focus, peace of mind, awareness… It helped me a lot. Now I am thinking to start drawing regularly and to learn instrument… I want to experience benefits from that as well.  

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