The way we raise our children

Some things are sacred in this life. Like for example, your family, your parents, your past, your upbringing, your roots… All this things have played a role in who you are. It is supposed to be sacred because it shaped you the way you are today… But what if you dont like what you are today????

As I am studying more and more ancient civilizations, I am getting bigger picture about life. And one thing that bothers me a lot…is when I see how those ancient civilizations were raising their children… If you look at Vikings or Celts…Native Americans or even ancient Greece… They did something very different than what we to today.. And what is that? Is it good or bad??

They were raising their children to be fearless, to be courageous, to not be afraid of anything except God and higher forces… They raised their children to go out and conquer the world, to not be afraid of their desires, to not be afraid of fight, to not be afraid of tiredness, hunger, coldness, rejection… They were growing up to not be afraid of their mortality. They knew that death can happen at any instead of withdrawing and hiding from life, they were open to life, they were engaging life, not hiding from challenges, from pain, suffering… They were attacking life… They were moving civilization forward… They were building things, inventing things, conquering… And they were not afraid..that is the most important thing to understand…

I know that I am raised totally different. I am raised to be afraid… To be small… To shrink in myself rather than to expand myself… To protect myself, to be careful, to calculate every step, to not make any big difference and changes in this world… I was raised just to get a job, buy new car every 5,6 years…and buy or build one house in my lifetime…have one or two children…and thats pretty much it. I was raised to experience boredom… I was raised to not be creative…

We are proud of our new systems, ways and strategies when it comes to raising our kids… But we dont realize that we are raising dysfunctional nation… Number of depressed people, number of suicide is alarmingly increasing… Come one, lets talk more about your feelings.. tell us, how do you feel??? Oh poor you, no one understand you…. You have this and now take this pills…. First we made individuals afraid of life, of pain, of suffering, of fighting…and now we wonder why we have so many depressed people walking around.

My point is not that we should be barbarian people… But we should be little more assertive, little more aggressive, more open, more courageous… We should not be afraid of our desires and we should not be afraid of pursuing our desires… We should not avoid and hide from life…but instead, we should engage life fully…even if it hurts…

Although very often we call our ancient ancestors to be ruthless, to be insensitive, (and I agree with that) but in reality, there is some wisdom in their approach of raising their children… Sure, it is terrible that they were killing their children if they show up to be incapable.. but their focus was to build strong, smart, capable, fearless individuals… They were raised to respect people…not to be kind and kiss other people ass.. but simply to respect them.

And today we are raising children to be artificially kind, nice…to not offend anyone… To not be loud, to be passive, withdrawn from life…


  1. Yes, I agree. People are raised to be sheep for the most part. Of course, each individual can actually break away and do what they want. Some are going to be fearless no matter what but yes. On the average, people do raise their children to just go along to get along. Very true. Great post!

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