Dysfunctional families

Dysfunctional families. Do you know any dysfunctional family? Are you a victim of dysfunctional family? Let me tell you about real dysfunctional families.

Real dysfunctional families are those that you see in movies, TV shows and sitcoms. They are always happy, they always get along with each other, they are always laughing, never arguing, always respecting each other… They always go somewhere together. They have intimate conversations. They care about feelings of others. They cry, they hug, they kiss, they love,…and they are fake. That is most important.

Every family is dysfunctional in a way. No one lives in some kind of perfect harmony. Wherever you go, you will see dysfunctional families… But that is reality. That is life. And this is life. This is not some kind of scripted sitcom.

Now it was Christmas and to be honest, my family was in some kind of harmony… Unusual harmony. But why is that? That is because we all are little bit more creative in this period. So, dysfunctional family is a family that lacks creativity… Nothing else. And it is sad that we need something external, like Christmas, to help us awaken some of that creativity. And now in couple of days, we would all get back to our normal lives again being dysfunctional… But why cant we be creative all the time? What is stopping us??? And why we are so blind that we dont realize it???

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