Planes vs. cars. Which one is more safer?

I dont buy an idea that flying in a plane is the safest way to travel. It is totally non-sense.

First of all, not everybody can be a pilot. And you will not get a job as a pilot if you are really not professional. Everybody can drive a car. Mortals like you and me can drive cars… So that means that on the road there is more possibilities that something will happen because more people are on that road. And it is very easy to become super-comfortable when you are driving a car. So comfortable that you are not even looking and paying attention to what is going on around you. And plus, traffic is very complex. It is much more easier that you will hit another car than that you will hit another plane when you are in the sky.

And obviously, pilots are more careful than car divers for obvious reason. It is higher risk to be in the sky.

But statistics are showing that planes are safest because not everybody can fly them. If every family and every house starts to have their own private planes…and if we all are flying around, very soon we would realized that planes are much more dangerous than cars. Even if we have super organized sky traffic, still, there would be more accidents than with the car. And another thing, if you have accident while you are in car, there are lots of chance that those would not be fatal. You will probably survive. In the plane, when you are going down, you are going down.

And who knows, maybe it is all a marketing trick. If they dont tell you that plane is safest way to travel, than who would even want to get on it???

My point is, if you will be careful driver, if you will be constantly paying attention to what is going on around you, if you will not be impulsive in your driving, if you will be patient in your driving…then you are more secure and safe than in any airplane…

But at the end of the day, I think destiny plays a role here as well. If you are destined to live, you will survive everything. You will survive plane crashes, you will survive wars, you will survive attacks of wild animals… I mean, you will survive unimaginable things. And if you are destined not to live, if your time has come… You will probably die on your regular market visit while you are going to buy some milk..

I dont know, it is only my theory.

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