Help someone

We all are looking for a sense of fulfillment. We need to feel worthy, we need healthy self-esteem…and we need to feel good. And so what we do about it?

Some people are spending hours and hours in gym, buying supplements, counting their calories and watching motivational videos. Other people are concerned with their facial look, so they invest lots of money and time for make-up, their hair…or their nails… Their eyebrows and God knows what else…. Which is fine. Your health is important, your look is important…and for sure it plays a role in your sense of fulfillment. (Although I am not even paying attention to it….I dont want a girl that has two bushes of eyebrows that are growing together and becoming one and the top of their nose)

So taking care of yourself physically is important… but what is even more important?

And the most important thing for your self-fulfillment is feeling that you have touched someone else. That you have helped someone else. That you influence them in a good, positive way…that you made a difference in their lives. That now they are more happy because of you… that they feel encouraged by you… Nothing in this world cannot even compare to this feeling… Knowing that other person is doing well because of you…

When you are making a difference in people’s lives, your chemistry changes. Your posture improves, your health improves, your smile is stronger,…your all senses become more sharp… It is best drug ever.

This is I think why so often it is said that being a doctor or surgeon is most fulfilling career ever…. Although any career that you are making a difference is fulfilling… It doesnt matter if you are helping people, animals or plants…

You can be a lawyer, an architect or you can fix cars or computers…it doesnt matter.

But your skills and career is not only way to help someone or to make someone else life better… You can do it by giving a good advice… You can help them if they have some work around house… You can take care of their children while they are doing something else… You can make a lunch and invite someone… You can give them book.. You can give them old CD…

You can also encourage somebody, help them to break their own barriers… Help them to make a leap…

There are a thousands of ways to make a difference… My point is, dont just make a difference on your eyebrows… or dont just make a difference on your biceps… But make a difference in someone’s else life as well.. That counts. And that is greatest fulfillment that you will ever find.


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