Should you force your kids to do sports and other activities?

Should you force your kids to do sports, to learn an instrument, to become part of some dynamic group that is doing a lots of activities, to have hobbies…???? Should you force your kids to that? Is it right thing to do? And yes, you should force them…

When I was a kid, my parents forced me to participate in swimming and wrestling… I hated it. I was going there against my will… But however, those sports did influence me in life-changing ways… Those sports helped me to grow something in myself…. And it doesnt matter if it is sport, instrument, volunteering…or even growing up on village… It doesnt matter what it is.. It is beneficial for your kid.

Whenever I meet someone that has never engage in any sports or any activities outside of school….I see that something is lacking in them.. Generally speaking obviously… Kids that were forced to engage in activities, they grow up more confident with better sense of themselves… 

But here is the trick? What if your child doesnt want to participate in certain activities? Well, I would give them a choice… You have to do something…now choose what you want…??? Do you want to wrestle, play soccer, play basketball, do you want to dance, do you want to train gymnastics, or you want to be in scouts…do you want to learn an instrument??? Guitar, piano??? What do you want??? Because you have to choose something…it doesnt matter what it is…but you are not going to be in your room all day after school.

And your kid may resist it… but one day they will thank you for it… Every year they will be growing more confident, more capable, with better sense of who they are and what they can do…

So not forcing your kids because you love them…is not good thing. If you do love them, then help them to grow up in confident and capable person… Dont protect them.. Encourage them to go out there… Encourage them to feel little pain… It is good for them, believe me.


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