Vikings and their courage

If you read anything about Vikings, you will read that they were fearless, aggressive, barbaric… They were absolute savages..

Many young Vikings didnt have future in their own country and their own land. There was not enough place and resources for everybody… So, big number of Vikings were forced to become warriors and conquerors… In order to create a better life for themselves, they had to go and explore the unknown. They didnt even now where they are going, what is waiting them and will they even survive… But however they went on this journeys…

Being a Viking, it is better to fight for what you want and die…then to live life of hiding, being passive, withdrawing…and living like a coward.

It was kind of embarrassing to die by old-age. So there are even some stories that people that were already old, they would put all gold that they have around their neck so that they provoke other people to attackt them so that they can die honorably fighting… They dont want to wait for old-age, sickness and dying slowly on their beds. They want to go like real men.

In the battles, they were so fearless that many armies were intimidated by them. It is reported that they had a fear of viking soldiers because they were yelling and there was not even a single sign of fear in their body-language.

Can you imagine fighint with group of people that had zero fear of death???? In fact, they kind of embrace it… You are screwed.

Some sources even say that they had people in their groups that were able to put them in some kind of hypnotic trance state… While they were in that state, someone was telling them: „You are unstoppable. Nothing can hurt you. Arrows cant hurt you. Knives cant hurt you. Nothing.“ And it is said that many Viking after being hurt in battle, they still continued to be aggressive and fight. It took you a lot more to put them on ground.

This is not strange to me. Their bodies are full of adrenaline. Even if they are hurt, that adrenaline still runs in their blood and keeps them alive… Of course, after couple of seconds or minutes, it will wear-off and they will die….

So it was probably fascinating thing to see… They have an arrow in their chest but it doesnt slow them down even for second…

So they were defeating their enemies psychologically.

Vikings are considered to be some of the most if not most courageous people ever. How much of it is exaggerate..I dont know. Because I am sure that it is. But however, he have this myths and we can learn something from them.

We can learn to courageously explore unknown, to fight for what we want, to go after what we want instead of to quit and be passive… It is better to live a life of strength, courage and passion than to hide. We can learn to not be afraid of life…

In other words, we can stop wasting our time and life…and make most of it by pure courage.


  1. Yes, probably that is true, most of them were just savages, barbarians, like many tribal nations in those “dark age” times. There is nothing brave in killing, devastation and theft of the mostly unarmed civilian forces (most of their battles were against monasteries and small villages by the sea coasts)…

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    1. it is good that you are bringing light to it…and yes, there is nothing brave in attacking people that are obviously weaker than you and that are not threatening you in any way…. But I hope that you understand this the meaning of this post… and that is to not be afraid of your own mortality, to not be afraid of life, and to go outside…to leave your family and explore unknown territory.. Thanks for commenting

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