Productivity and all the myths about it

Once I saw, I cannot remember was it video or article…but topic was: top 5 productivity apps…these apps will enhance your productivity… Something like that…

And I am thinking, what are they even talking about????? How can apps enhance productivity??? They can only lessen it. I know I am most productive when I am not relying on any apps. When I intend to do something, I do it…. I dont need apps or motivation or anything…at least, maybe I need a pen and paper.. But an app to help me be more productive… It is all a lie. Greatest minds ever like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci…they didnt had any apps….And they were productive beyond your imagination.. They were so productive that none of your apps will help you to even compare yourself to them… For me, an app is only a distraction. Another thing in my mind that I have to worry about. It is taking my attention and my mental capacity.

Forget it all. You need less distractions in order to be more productive. And they are adding you apps. One for productivity, one for meditation, one for running, one for counting your calories, one for sleeping, one for drinking water, one with motivational quotes, one for working-out… I even heard that they will invent if they already didnt invent it…a smart-toilet that will be connected to your smartphone via another one new absolutely amazing app that you will have to have..that is going to scan your poop and tell you some information about your poop and your health.

I mean, come on. Where is the end???? The more apps you have, the more depressed you are… I can say that for sure… More apps, the more you are shrinking and becoming smaller. You lose your human side.

You are relying on apps instead of relying on your own human instincts. People survive because they were relying on themselves, not on apps.

It is aggressive to say that these 5 apps will enhance my productivity. It can only be fair to say, I use this one app and it helps me… That is fair to say… But to say that these apps will enhance me, skyrocket me, help me to achieve monster-productivity…what??? You think I am naive??? Pal, when I intend to do something, I can become monster. I wake up at 5 in the morning, I put some light clothes on me and I go for run in forest during the winter… And when I come back home tired and hungry, I eat something. Yes, that right. I eat when I am tired and hungry…I dont eat when my app tells me to eat. I mean, we are just becoming stupid. No wonder that mental illness and suicide rate are increasing… They are increasing because of this apps. Those are apps for suicide… That is only how they can help you.

I apologize for all real, meaningful apps…

Then we have an app for weather. My grandfather just looks in the sky and he can predict weather for next two days.

And it is the same thing with everything these days… Go in gym only three days in a week and your workout should be only 1 and half hours… And just look at best athletes…they do it three times in a day, every day… I am exaggerating obviously, but they do it for sure more than three time per week.

Same thing is with blogging as well… How often should your write and post??? Come on, I am not a robot. When I feel like writing and publishing, I write and I publish. I squeeze that lemon as hard as I can… And when there is no juice anymore, I take a break. Simple as that. Yes, and you may ask, but how do you get an inspiration??? Well, first you have to remove all distractions… Delete those apps for productivity that you have and start working. And you will get inspired very easily.

Dont be naive. Life needs to become more simpler, not more complicated.


    1. thats true… And it is ok to make an app…at least you are creating something… but thinking that app can change you…come on..only what can help you is willpower, commitment and right approach… thanks for reading and commenting


  1. LOL, yes, Dario. There are apps for every single activity out there nowadays. It has gotten to be very ridiculous. Haha. I think you’re right. It’s best to rely on yourself and get comfortable doing that. Technology is great but it can become too much at times. I think you have pointed out a real problem for society as we move ahead. Great post!

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