Dont be afraid of punches

Many people are afraid of the punch. It doesnt matter is it physical or psychological punch, most people are afraid of it. They are avoiding it. But to tell you honestly, you will get punched if you decide to live. If you decide to do something, you will get punched, mocked, ignored, rejected… people will leave you… I mean, this is just a soft version of what can happen. Death, sickness, cancer, loss of loved ones…those are hardcore punches. Imagine building something for ten years and having it all collapsed in one day… Thats the real punch and pain. Thats for sure K.O. And it is happening to people. They lose everything in one moment. I mean, you are maybe one of those. We always think that bad things cannot happen to us. Who knows what future holds for us… Terrible things can happen. I can write here horror stories that can happen to you, but I wont. If you are afraid, thats good.

Be afraid, but dont live in fear. Be willing to take punches. If you decide to do something…anything. You will receive few punches, believe me. The bigger is the thing you want to do, the bigger punch, embarrassments are waiting for you. No one is going to tap you and say it is ok. I mean, they can do it, but that doesnt help you. So you cannot avoid punches. You cannot avoid getting hit. I mean, you can… And many people are doing it. Hide, dont get any attention to yourself, protect yourself, dont expose yourself too much, dont risk, dont do big things, dont challenge yourself…. and you can avoid punches. But thats not life. You are not even trying to win. You are just trying to survive. But guess what.. You will lose by referee’s decision. Even if you win, deep down you know that you didnt give all you have.

Only solution is to get ready for punches. And learn how to punch back. Learn how to fight. Look danger in eyes. Dont be paralyzed.

Other day I was walking in my street and my neighbor stop me.. He wanted to talk with me. It was unusual because he never does that, he just says ‘hi’ and thats it. And now he is calling me to talk with him. As I am approaching him, I can see that he is nervous.. He just wanted to exchange few words. He probably felt lonely. And from those few words, I figure out one thing…he is hiding. He is afraid. He is afraid to take punches. He is afraid to fight back. Generally, he is afraid of life. I know that he is quite desperate inside. He has lots of unfulfilled potential…and life is passing by. You cannot stop the time. Look, it is already 2020. Yesterday I was a kid. What happened? Where the time has gone?

So you have two options… Either to constantly be in defensive mode.. Or to go in battle with open chest, attacking… Not hiding, not withdrawing… Only forward. You will take few punches, thats for sure… but believe me. It is better than having unfulfilled potential.


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