Dont read a book per day

Books are very valuable. Every strong civilization understood an importance of books. Books were sacred. Today it is the same thing. Lots of young people are staring to read. With time, they all say that books are changing them in a good and positive way. It is true… A person that reads will perform better at job interview than person that doesnt read. (Generally speaking). So understanding a value of books, lots of people start to think, how can I read more? How can I read more books this year? I want all that knowledge and power. I want it. I want to read it all. And now there are a lots of people who have strategies to read a book per day… And they are giving you advice how you too can as well read book a day.

But why do you want to read a book a day? It is extreme. And to be honest, it is impossible. You can maybe read a pamphlet a day..but not real book. Specially not real book. Lots of people are reading personal development books. Those books are very poor in content and they are not mentally challenging. They are easy to read, they are entertaining…and they dont challenge you, they only put you in fantasy land. You can read that book in day. Books on happiness, how to improve yourself, how to become better person and how to find your true passion… Those books you can read in one day. Because they dont challenge you. You are just reading them thinking that you are learning something…but in reality, you are only poisoning your mind.

Real books, real valuable challenging books… You need a couple of days, if not weeks to read them. And to fully understand them, you have to go back to them a couple of times. When you are reading them, they should awake something in you. They should leave you in a state of wonder…where you put them down and you think about it.

Believe me, it is better to read one good book in month, than to read 30 poor books in month.

But even if it is possible to read a book in day, it is totally unpractical. It is such a waste of time. Why are you doing it? It is taking so much of your mental capacity.

Speed reading… I dont believe it. Yes, you can speed read and read very fast if you are reading poor content books like personal development books. You can speed read that. But if you are reading real challenging book, believe me, you will have to read ultra slow in order to understand it fully.

I mean, so many things are upside-down.. So many things are not understood… We go very shallow in our quest of knowledge.

But my point is to avoid this whole personal development world.. It is addictive, it is cheap, it is mainstream, it gives you shallow answers to life problems, it leaves you empty… and number of this personal development books is increasing everyday… so we have an epidemic of this books. And they are all the same. They just say the same thing in different way. They are not original, unique, authentic.. They are just a copy… And they are bestsellers. How is that possible, I dont know. I just know that intellectually we are very shallow.


  1. Yeah, I’ve never been big on the speed-reading concept. You have to take your time and let your brain soal up the knowledge. And no, one book a day is unrealistic. A book a week is doable. A book every two weeks is ideal. A book a month isn’t bad. Books are great and I agree. I feel smarter every time I read one but they are meant to be read slowly and absorbed. Great post, my friend!

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