My journaling experience

Have you ever tried journaling? Journaling down your thoughts?

In September, October and November, I was going through lots of questions. I was confused. So I tried journaling in that period. I was trying to write down my thoughts to see what is going on in my head. And to be honest, as I started journaling down my thoughts from my head, I realized I have nothing in my head. Seriously. I had such a stupid things in my head that I was painfully uncomfortable with that realization. Things that I am thinking about, it is so shallow, so meaningless…I am giving so much attention to totally stupid and not important things. I mean, if our subconcious mind is a blueprint for our behavior and aspirations in life, I was destined for very stupid life.

Good for me is that I realized that I need to change things that are going in my mind. So many people are spending years and years journaling down the same thoughts, the same emotional problems, not progressing from that… Come on. Stop doing that. Move on.

I always had big desires to do great things… But how can you do big things when you are worrying about such a trivial stuff in your head. I realized I need new thoughts in my head.

So I decided one thing… No more journaling anything about myself. I will not write about myself, about my parents, about what someone said to me, and other meaningless things… I will write down only things I want to achieve. I will not focus on my past… I will look at my future… And I am asking questions, what do I want??? And daily I was writing things that I want to do, experiences, skills I want to learn, places I want to visit… I mean a lots of things… I will not get into details because it is my private thing…

So I was journaling daily for three months. And in those three months… I cannot explain to you what happened. I can only say that now I have a totally different brain. In those three months I figure out so many things…I made some decisions even 20, 30 years in advance… I figure out a lots of things that I will do. It was such a cleansing. It was also uncomfortable to journal so deep because you have to face your demons. It is almost like someone is holding a mirror in front of you and you are able to see ugly things about yourself…. It was death and rebirth in that journal. I hope it doesnt sound dramatic, because I dont want it to sound…

So by journaling, I realized, I cannot think like I used to do it before…I need to think like millionaires, like great entrepreneurs, like great innovators and like great adventurists… Because those are things that I want to focus on in my lfe. I want to become millionaire because I want flexibility and because it will make me free to focus on other things in life…because it is not all about my money, right? Then why should I spend my whole life working 9-5 when money is not that important…??? I dont think that I will become great innovator…but I have a deep desire to understand world around me…I want to learn how is technology working, I want to learn how to fix technology, how to fix cars, how electricity works, wood-working, coding… I mean just look at greatest innovators of all time… They all were multiple experts.. They all understand how things are functioning, they were writing, journaling, they were drawing, painting, playing an instrument, innovating, reading, studying, learning…. But how is possible that they were so capable individuals? Well it is possible because they were constantly mentally active. In their minds there was no place for gossip, no interest in mediocre topics, no space to feel sorry for themselves.. They were constantly on some quest, they were constantly doing something. And then I asked myself, what am I doing??? What is going in my mind??? Totally meaningless things.. That is why I will never achieve great things because my mind is not working like mind of great people. Great people are using every second of day to achieve greatness. And I am using every second of day to distract myself. That needs to change, I realized.

And in the end, I realized that I need to think like adventurer. I need to go on more adventures and I need to create adventures everyday because my life can be boring. And I dont want a boring life.

So journaling has been really life changing for me. I feel like I have stripped down multiple layers in those three months….until I finally come to my true self.

Another things that happened to me after journaling daily, is that fear has disappeared from my life. I am serious. I no longer fear or worry… And thats because I am mentally so much more clear, I am sure in myself what I want… I know where I am going and what I am doing.. I am not confused… I know who I am and I know what I want to do.. I walk around with purpose.

So many people are writing articles on how to be confident… I can tell you one thing. To become confident, you have to know who you are, what you want to do and where you are going. And most people dont know that. I mean just look around. Look at most bloggers and people that are writing articles… They all write how they are lost, how they dont know what they will do, how they dont feel emotional right… After reading such blogs, you dont feel better about yourself. They dont inspire you, they confuse you. They are spreading confusion. They dont provide value. And it is epidemic. What are you trying to achieve?? You want me to feel sorry about you?? What reaction you want to cause in people?? I can tell you one thing, you will not get a reaction from me because my mind is to busy to think about meaningful things so I just dont have a space to think about your concerns.

Another thing that happened after my journaling, is that my intuition has increased tremendously. I just see someone, and it is almost like I am getting a download from their subconsciousness. And that is I guess because I had a chance to spend a lots of time in my subconsciousness that I am able to identify certain patterns in others as well.

So today when you grab a journal, dont write how confused you are, how disappointed you are…write your goals down, things you want to achieve. Come to conclusion: Damn, I really need to read better books. I should learn mathematics. I should start painting… I want to become entrepreneur..How can I become? Where to start??? Omg, I know so little about it.. It is time to study that little more… What would millionaire do??? He probably wouldnt watch stupid videos…his thinking is probably on totally different level.

I hope this blog post will provide value… My intention is not to hurt or offend someone.. but rather, I want to give value to people.


  1. In their minds there was no place for gossip, no interest in mediocre topics, no space to feel sorry for themselves.. They were constantly on some quest, they were constantly doing something.
    I liked this part most
    And your thoughts about Confidence are right..
    Confidence comes from understanding and is not the first step..but it comes with time

    Liked by 1 person

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