A call to change

Deep anger, deep frustration, unsatisfaction, unhappiness, mentally not feeling well, nothing makes sense anymore and you just cant find a way out of it…What to do when that happens?

We all will encounter such things in our lives probably multiple times. We are trying to be normal but something is just not right.

What is that? I was asking myself what is it? I had periods of such frustration as well and I see it in lots people. How to change that? That unhappiness that cannot be understood.

Well, deep frustration, anger and sadness  are just a signs that it is a time for change. Yes, I know, it sound so cliche. Everybody are writing about this things these days..but let me try give you a different perspective.

Do you even now what is change?

For most people change is: gym, yoga, diet, reading more, journaling and other well known advice that we can hear so much these days.

But those are not deep changes. They are only bonus. They are not real thing. You are angry and frustrated because deep down you know that you can do more. You can maybe become an engineer, doctor, surgeon, architect, writer, actor, entrepreneur, programmer… You can become something and yet you didnt even start… Thats why you are frustrated. Your unfulfilled potential is crying deep down from you. You should be angry. You maybe have a potential to be great police officer and you are working in your office and you think that going in gym will change something. You are thinking wrong. You can transform that deep anger only by becoming police officer and by dedicating hours and hours to become best police officer that you can be.

You may be thinking that you dont have any aspirations in yourself. Believe me, you dont know what you want and what you need. In past, so many young boys were dragged to wars…they were forced to become something. And of course, no one wants to go to war, but surprisingly, lots of those boys find a fulfillment…I dont want to say that they were happy because they were in war, but they were fulfilled and they had mission and purpose.

So many people…so many different stories. Young boys start working in car shop, repairing cars…and he thinks that he will never like…but once he gets in the game, he is surprised how much actually he loves that and how much that fulfills him.

You dont know what you want.

You may think that you dont want something, but you are not aware, believe me.

If you are angry, frustrated and deeply unhappy, it means that you need something great. Your soul is angry and unhappy because you are not living fully.

You will maybe start doing extreme sports, dancing, painting, get involved in politics, get involved in religion, start studying something, creating something…. It doesnt matter.. but you will engage in something and you will realize how much you love it.

So dont go to psychiatrists, dont take pills…but rather become police officer, surgeon, dentist, lawyer, writer, singer, designer, black belt in jiu-jitsu, professional athlete…. And you will see your mental health increasing, your satisfaction increasing.

In the past, I have been guilty of it as well. For so many things I have said: This is not for me. Now finally I am starting to free myself from such judgmental thinking. Truth is, I dont know do I like something or not if I dont commit myself to something. Not trying something…. But committing to something. Then you will see do you like it or not.

So to make it clear and short. You are angry because you can do more and you can become better. Dont psycho-analyze yourself but rather commit to work, hobby, career, some kind of activity…. And break your limitations.

Unhappiness is just a call to action, a call to change… Your job is only to figure out what exactly you need to change.


    1. yes, it is good to know that you can do more. for me 2019 was good year, but if I am honest with myself, I could done much more…or even better to say…I could done things more wholeheartedly with stronger commitment

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