Once I saw one documentary….I cannot remember, I think it was on Tibet (I am not sure) I dont remember if someone will be able to recognize what exactly I am talking about, please feel free to comment it.

However, those monks or whoever and whatever they were… They were doing some kind of artistic expression..they were using rocks, sand and I dont know what else.. From those little rocks and sand, they created beautiful pictures… And it was long work. Many people are working on it and it takes some time to get it done. When they get it done, after all that effort, sweat and pain…they look at it.. They feel satisfied because they accomplished this project…And then they destroy it. Yes. All effort that they have put, they destroy it in one second. You may ask yourself, but why? Why they are doing it?

And answer is, because they are practicing detachment. They are learning that journey is more important than end goal. They are learning that nothing will last. They are learning to not be possessive, to not hold on things.

So inspired by them, I decided to live best life ever and then make suicide….

Just kidding.

I will not live best life ever.

Kidding again.

Dont worry, I will not kill myself.  I just find it fascinating this practice of creating something and then destroying it. That doesnt mean that you should live like this. I think the beauty of art is also sharing it with others. Why to create something if I will not share it with someone else??? Civilization is becoming richer because people are sharing their creative and artistic ideas. If we destroy everything that we create, then we would never progress. We would always remain on the same level. But however, we do have to learn to enjoy the journey, to give our best and to be completely detached from the result.

I am sorry if I gave any wrong information about that documentary….because I dont remember it. I was watching it long ago…but that doesnt even matter. What matter is the point of that documentary…


  1. You may be right .. but it is a good practice to learn detachment, to learn that nothing is permanent and you have to let go in order to move on. Also you can learn that sometimes things does not go by your wish.. but still you have to accept it and move on. Just my thoughts🙂

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  2. I don’t know about this documentary but I know a bit about detachment. Many people think that detachment is “sacrificing” something or “destroying” something. It is not. Detachment is basically being happy one way or the other. For example, imagine that you were writing a play but your contributions were not recognized in public. Instead of being angry and sad, you should detach yourself. I mean that you should be happy that you at least got the opportunity to write the play. Be happy in both scenarios. When you are glorified and when you are not even recognized. We can only fulfill our duties. The reward is not in our hands. Detachment in other words is just being happy.☺

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    1. great explanation. thank you sharing. I agree with you. I think it is important to focus on results and to give all your best… but when things dont go your way, accept that and move on. that journey was more important than end-result.

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  3. Referee is neutral , natural, alert ,awake , knower of game so becomes witness to game and enjoys the game most compare to players and spectators who go through joy and sorrow for performence of their teams .

    A Referee , is one who has to go through ups and down of Life , some time as a winner and some time as a looser but all are for our training to be a witness in this world so referee is going beyond both attachment or detachemet .

    I am creating and I am destroying both are attachment only .

    Most teachings create followers of a particular view not a flower of own enlightenment and experience .

    God is a referee , neither attached nor detached from cosmic creation ….. just witness …… no ownership .

    love all.

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