Minimalism, value of things and creative thinking

Recently I was reading some articles on minimalism and I came to an idea that I could get rid of certain stuff that no longer has any purpose for me. Minimalism is not new idea to me, but a lots of things that I have really dont consume me so much. I can have them and they are not taking my attention, they dont distract me and they dont consume me. Except my laptop only sometimes. But I cannot get rid of my laptop, I just need to be more aware how I am using it. However, although I dont have things that are consuming me so much, I can still get rid of things that dont have any purpose anymore.

So I began my cleaning. I will take every thing that I have in my hands, look at it and ask myself, does it serve me anymore..?? Does it give me value? Will I use it in future?? Should I give it to someone, should I throw it, should I keep it??? 

As I was going through my stuff, I found a bunch of old pens. I just have a habit that when pen gets used and I cannot use it anymore, I just put it under my desk. Why am I even collecting pens that dont even work anymore??? I dont know why I am doing it. What can I do with used pens? Nothing. They have no purpose. I can only throw them away. But…what if I can use them for something? What if I can use them for some kind of artistic expression? If I can connect them in some cool and interesting shape? If I can make a robot of those pens? It is possible. I can do something with it. Ok, so I will keep it. In fact, I need to collect more pens.

I dont have an aspiration to become some kind of great artist that is able to make cool stuff with used pen, it is more for fun and exploration… but my point is, it is so interesting how an idea came out of nowhere. Yes sure, I was thinking what can I do with those pen. I gave them little attention and little thought and creative idea came to my mind.

Look around. What do you see around yourself? Things are not just the way they appear to be. You maybe see old pens, but I see robot.


      1. this may sound somewhat silly.. but when I can solve a problem.. I sleep for sometime or just close my eyes and relax.. it really helps..and mostly I get the idea. Other things may be more aware of your surroundings.

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      2. Is not silly at all haha.. yes closing your eyes is always good. I mean I am fascinated by great innovators and people that made changes…and I am constantly thinking…how can I get on their level of thinking…

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  1. I like to clean up now and then and get rid of clutter. I hate feeling very boxed in sometimes. So getting rid of things sometimes is a must. If you make a pen robot, I really want to see that! Please post a picture!

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