Apple needs to be mature

This is not a post about apples and fruits. It is not nutritional post. It is a post about wisdom, patience and time.

I have a younger brother. He is 7, almost 8 years younger than me. When you are young, that is a big gap. When I was already going in elementary school, he was not even born. When he started elementary school, I was already in high-school… And when he came to high-school, I was already looking for jobs and working.

So there was always a big gap between us. We could never relate or do anything together. He was always my little brother. I love him, I would jump in front of train for him, but we cant hang-out because there is a big gap between us. Not saying that we didnt had our memorable moments, we definitely did. But being an older brother, I was always getting down on his level…because I can do that and he cant do that. So also I was very protective about him. I was always looking at him more like parent is looking at child than how brother looks at brother.

And now, 17 years later. My brother is 17, I am 24. Only now we can do something together. We are playing chess, soccer, basketball, ping-pong (table tennis) and we can talk about a lots of things…which was not a case before. Now that gap has become smaller…and from this point, it will be only smaller and smaller. So our shared activities are just a glimpses of what is waiting us in future…

17 years later, I can say that I have a brother. It is not that I didnt had him before, but now we are becoming equal (although I will always be little better than him), now I am not trying to get down on his level, now he is trying to get up on my level. It is a totally different game now. Now he can stand next to me being equal to me. He can argue with me, he can compete with me, he can hang-out with me. It is interesting to me that it took 17 years to finally start to feel what is like to have a brother… Only now that apple is starting to mature.

That got me thinking…who knows how many thing right now in my life are still just in starting process…It made me think about time..and it made me realize that with time, things should just be better…juice of that apple is sweeter.  

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