In stressful situations rely on your own instincts

I like to spend time outdoors, walking through forest, exploring forest….. There is a forest in my village and there is a forest near place where I live.

Forest in my village is little bit more dangerous..since it has some wild animals…like for example wild boars. It is not bear territory, but it is possible to encounter bears.. My grandfather installed in me a habit that whenever I go that I bring something with me. So I am going through my village with axe in my hands.. And thats normal because it is mostly wilderness…you never know if you will encounter some animal or something.

Forest near place where I live is different forest. It has much more people visiting it, walking in it, children playing…It is very civilized forest. There are no wild animals but there is always possibility that you can encounter wild dog, wild boar…some people even say that at one place are some kind of wolves… which is questionable. However, it is always good to be prepared.

So when we are at home in our place, my grandfather is forcing me to carry an axe when I go in forest. And I dont want to do it because it is very civilized place and to walk around with axe is not what people are doing here. And I have to go through streets, houses, people, children…it just looks the strange to go around with axe. I told my grandfather that I will only carry a knife with me. And he is telling me how knife cannot help me if something attacks me. With axe, I can fight from distance..but you can use knife only from close distance. And thats logical. And then I search little bit on Internet so see is it good to walk only with knife through forest and many people say that it is not good just because of the same reason that my grandfather has told..You can use it only from short distance. Meaning, only when animal is already on top of you. So ok, they convince me that carrying knife only is not enough…but I cannot carry an axe because there are lost of families and children walking…however, they are walking at paths that are made for humans…I like to go deeper in forest…so I dont want to go there with my bare hands.

So I am thinking. And I came to conclusion. Why am I relying on words of my grandfather and those people from Internet??? Do I feel comfortable having a knife only??? Yes I do. I can fight from my back with animal. I can use very efficiently that knife being on my back and having an animal on top of me. Literally animal is jumping closer to me and that is exactly what I need. So yes, I do feel comfortable carrying only a knife. And that is most important. Rely on yourself in stressful situations. If you have a machine gun but you are afraid and paralyzed, it is useless. But if you have instinct to go, to fight…you are more dangerous…even if you have only knife.

So many people are giving you advice, giving you their limitations, their fears, their worries. It is more important what you think.. Can you envision it in your head? Can you imagine yourself doing something? Do you think that you can do it? Good. Then rely on yourself. Dont be afraid to break rules.


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