Day 1 of blog challenge – What is your favorite quote and why?

So it is a 1. day of my 15-day blogging challenge.


Ohhhhh, I am not a man of quotes… but I like to read quotes from great people and quotes that will inspire greatness in me.. Quotes that will empower me.

‘Never give up’ is not a type of quotes that I like. This quote doesnt awake anything in me. Those are only empty words.

But if I have to choose a quote, I will… And it is a quote from Bible.. however, I prefer to take that quote out of the context and explain it to my self in a different way.

And quote is:

„Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.“

Meaning, in a way I like to interpret it,  if you are living to safe, too much in comfort zone, if you are a control freak and you calculate every step, you will lose your life. Nothing will happen to you, but it will be a life without joy, without adrenaline. If you decide to risk little bit, to go out of your comfort zone, to break rules little bit…you will find life. You will be filled with adrenaline, joy, you will grow as a person… Being passive, being afraid, those are killers of soul and spirit.

But I have something for you. Instead of reading and following quotes from great people, why dont you become someone great that other people will quote…???


  1. Oh wow I love this. I’m a classic for being a bit over controlling with situations, I have to agree it brings me nothing! If anything it makes situations worse. I love this, taking it on board 😁

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