Day 2 of blog challenge – What makes you happy and why?

So it is a day 2 of my blogging challenge.



What makes me happy? Ohh, let see… Butterflies, flowers, roses….

No, I am kidding. As a kid, my favorite superhero was Batman. No happy face. Ultimate poker face. And I always liked more ‘dark, serious’ people than people who go on smiling and laughing without a reason. So pretty much I can seem very serious at first (specially if I am with older people) but whoever has a chance to meet me, will very soon realize that I am still a child inside. Like I have little devil and little angel in myself.

So that is what makes me happy… when I am in familiar environments, like my family, friends, relatives, people that I know…and when I can relax and become spontaneous… I like to entertain people… I love to see that people are smiling and laughing because of me. And the more they laugh, the more I am trying to entertain them.

I like tough, black humor with lots of sarcasm.

I love children, dogs, being outdoors…

Although I can be extrovert, I would consider myself more to be an introvert. So  being alone and doing my own thing (reading, learning new things, writing, drawing, creating something) makes my happy as well.

Any sport activities, exercising makes me happy… As long as there is no lots of people engaged in that sport activity, since I can be a control freak and too many people, I have zero control.

For me happiness is a feeling in body, but I also like kind of psychological happiness.. For example.. Seeing myself that I can do things that before I thought I will never be able to do them. Breaking my limitations. Overcoming my doubts, fears… I told you I like Batman.

Breaking rules (not legal rules), doing thing in different way, being creative, being authentic… Thats what makes me happy.

And this may sound strange…but I love to feel unhappy as well. Because unhappiness is just a motivation that it is a time to get up from your ass and do something. Unhappiness motivates me and drives me more than happiness. If I am too happy for too long, I become lazy, passive, I forget about my discipline..I allow myself to slip from my habits… but when I am unhappy…then I get serious and I actually do something useful..and then again I am happy.

But to be honest, I dont think much about happiness. That is what little girls do.

Thanks for reading!!!     


  1. Oh I loved this. I love that you mention unhappiness, it is great for motivation and getting off your ass just like you said. If you don’t feel unhappiness, you don’t get to appreciate feeling happy. You can’t have one without the other. I love it, and…. Batman!!!

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