Dont think long-term

Dont think long-term. Yeap, thats right.

What is wrong with me? You may be wandering… Everybody knows that long-term thinking is crucial for meaningful life.

Sure. It is. But here is the problem. Thinking long-term can be very limiting. Forget about it and focus on something right now in present moment. Do some activities, some action… Start something, create something, go out of your house…. Get things going. And once you get engaged in this creative process, you will not have to think long-term, but rather, long-term thinking will come to you. It will arise from you.

I remember when I started writing and blogging. I didnt know, how, what, why….and many other questions. But once I get going. Once I started taking action instead of having perfect long-term plan… Once I started writing and publishing daily… Once I was in game….Actively playing the game… From all that..long-term thinking become more clear. You cannot think long-term if you are on unknown territory. First you need to test this territory, feel it, to be able to envision yourself doing something in future.

For example, let say you are playing chess. At the beginning of the game, you cannot know how you are going to defeat your opponent. You dont know what you will do in five moves. First you need to open the game, do few moves, your opponent needs to do few moves… and once when game gets going, only now you can think about future steps..Only now you can think how to defeat your opponent, how to react and what to do next.

I have this problem as well. Sometime I worry to much, I analyze things to much…that is wrong…You just need to do the first step. Even if it is wrong step, you need to get things going… And after doing something, even if it is mistake, now you can reflect and learn and grow from that mistake. If you never do any step, you will never have the opportunity to learn and grow.

You may be thinking how you are going to start exercising from tomorrow…you will go in gym, and you will go in gym for six months and then you will start with cardio and I dont know what…then you will buy protein running shoes…and then you will do this and then do that……and blah blah blah. Why dont you just get on your floor right now and do couple of push-ups???? And then build from that… Improvise. It doesnt have to be spectacular training…but you get things going.

Dont wait for perfect moment, for perfect timing…dont wait until you have clear long-term plan in your head. Stop trying to figure out everything in advance… Stop confusing yourself… But instead, look what you can do now. By doing things in now, by constantly taking big or small actions in the NOW, you will develop long-term vision.

So instead of endless preparation and procrastination…just start playing the game. Have fun.


  1. Yes, you have to get the blood flowing and just get started first. It’s like doing anything new. You’re not going to be great but you do it and try to learn and over time, you can come up with a long-term plan but you have to have something to work with first. Excellent post!

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