Day 3 of blog challenge – What are you most afraid of and why?

So it is a day 3 of blogging challenge.


Buhuhu….we all have skeletons in our closet. What are mine???? Lets find out.

I am afraid of everything that normal mortals are afraid of. Death, sickness, cancer, pain, violence….it doesnt matter is it happening to us or to our loved one, we all are afraid of that. But lets try to come up with some original fears…with some that are more unique to me.

Something which I never want to happen to me is that I am sitting on chair, tied up…and some people who doesnt wish me anything good, with pincers, they are taking my teeth out… AAAAHHHHHH I cant even imagine that…and interestingly enough, that thought goes through my head a lot. Haha.

I fear situations in which I dont have any control… Situations in which I am helpless..

One of my neighbors is having a cancer for last three years…now he is completely destroyed. He cant move, most of the time he is in lalaland because of all the drugs that they are giving to him…and he just waits to die. It is terror. Terror for him. Terror for his family. I mean, pure terror.

What else? I am afraid of wasted life… I am afraid that in the moment of death, I will look back and see that I could have done so much more, that I could have use my time better, that I could become something..but I didnt because of laziness, fear, doubt…and not respecting life and time…

If you know me, you know that I hate mediocrity. I am always trying to be above mediocre people..and you know the goes something like this..: ‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall.’ And I am afraid that life is waiting for me around some corner and will punch me in face to humble me little bit. I am afraid that all this mediocre people will come and laugh at me…and tell me: ‘We told you so.’

But however, if you have been reading this blog, very often you will see that I am speaking about courage, about being willing to take punches, about living with open chess, about not hiding and withdrawing from life, but rather engaging life and always moving forward…..Fly like an eagle. Yes, you may fall and it will hurt, but it is only a lesson.. At least you are not crawling like a worm…

And thats what I am afraid of. To be worm… I want to be an eagle. I dont want to go through life crawling, hiding, being small, not effecting anyone, not influencing anyone… just getting by.

What else? Well, I am afraid of doctors and dentists. Hahah.

Thanks for reading!!! I hope it was not too dramatic.


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