Ford v Ferrari

Usually I dont like to spend too much time watching movies. I always feel that it is a waste of time. So in 2019. I didnt watch a lots of movies. Just a couple of them. But of all movies that I have watched, definitely the best one was ‘Ford v Ferrari’. I mean, movie was just unbelievable.

Movie is about race in Le Mans in 1966. Of course, there is lot more going on before that race. Last six Le Mans races were a complete domination of Ferrari. And now Henry Ford II wants to create a sports racing Ford car that is going to defeat Ferrari in Le Mans… However, Henry Ford II very soon realizes that he will have to look for help somewhere else. So he…or it is better to say…his people that are doing marketing and promotion in Ford, went to Carrol Shelby…because he is probably the most famous person at that time in America when it comes to making racing cars.

Shelby Cobra

Shelby accepts their offer and he starts working for Ford. However, Shelby is aware that creating a good racing car is only a half of job done… The second half is, you need a good driver that will be able to drive that car. And best driver alive, in Shelby’s eyes, is his old friend Ken Miles.

Now, Ken Miles is just a regular guy. At least he looks like that at first. He is a car mechanic and a racer. Nothing special. I mean he is special…but he is still not famous. He was in World War II, he has brilliant mind when it comes to developing and building cars..and he has beautiful driving abilities. However, Ken Miles has one problem.. And that is his attitude. There is zero diplomacy in him. He is direct. He wants to argue, fight, he doesnt like to listen anyone telling him what to do. He is his own man. He doesnt care about team…I mean he does in his own way, but he doesnt kiss other people ass.

So people in Ford didnt welcome Ken Miles with open hands…which is understandable as he immediately starts to offend people. They want to fire him, but Carrol Shelby doesnt approves that since he knows that Ken Miles is a genius, and if anyone can help them succeed, it is this man with big mouth.

So Ken Miles is working on developing Ford GT40…but when it comes to racing, marketing department of Ford decided that Ken Miles will not be driving. People that represent Ford need to be well-spoken, polite, civilized…and Ken Miles is everything except that. If journalists ask him something, he probably will start swearing…and who knows.. maybe he will even punch that journalist in the face.

However, I will not get into details. In 1966, Ken Miles will drive race in Le Mans…and rest is history… I will not spoil you what happens.

Watching this movie and later researching little bit about Ken Miles….it made me realize what I have always know… Great people always stand on their own two feet. They never compromise themselves… They have high standards… They dont like crowds and masses… And when they do compromise who they are…it is never good. 

Ken Miles

Ford GT40 ’66


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