Infinite intelligence and infinite potential

I like to read about religions. I like all of them.. From Christianity to Buddhism and Hinduism. However, I dont like this New Age spirituality. In reality, there is nothing new in it. It is just a mixture of old ides. However, I dont like it because of people who are presenting it. Just look this modern spiritual gurus on YouTube and Internet. They all seem fake, they seem soft, they are lacking passion…and plus, I dont see anything special in them. In fact, they are weird…if you ask me.

And now that is an epidemic on Internet. So many people are just repeating those quotes… However, I do like some quotes..for an example..that we are infinite beings with infinite potential connected to the infinite intelligence. It goes something like this. And I like this quote. I think it is true. I really do think that we have an infinite potential and that we are connected to infinite intelligence (God) I am sure people like Nikola Tesla had this very strong connection to that infinite intelligence..Not just him, but all great innovators. All great religious people as well..I am sure they were connected to that infinite intelligence.

And so I see people all the time throwing away this spiritual quotes and they keep on writing how they feel depressed, anxious… But wait a minute. How can you feel depressed if you are infinite being with infinite potential connected to the infinite intelligence? Dont you have better things to do with your life than to write about how depressed you are? Why are you so much obsessing with yourself? You have infinite potential… You can do unimaginable things, create new things, I mean, there is no end to what you can do…. And you are depressed. You worry so much about yourself. You are infinite being and your focus is on such a trivial things…. Come on…

I wanted to write something…but I didnt know what to write about. I just had a desire to write…but I am thinking, I have no inspiration. Then I asked myself, how is possible that I have no inspiration??? If I am connected to infinite intelligence, how is possible that I am lacking creative ideas..??? How is possible that I am lacking creativity??? It is impossible… I cannot get rid of ideas and creativity.. In fact, the more I am being creative, the more creativity I have…it is infinite.

How is possible that we lack money, ideas, creativity, friendships, love, knowledge, adventure….and at the same time, we carry infinite potential in ourselves. Well, we need to activate that infinite potential… It is not going to awake on its own. We need to activate it and awake it.

I struggle with it as well.

Another popular phrase in this new age philosophy, is energy vampire. Some people are described to be energy vampires, meaning that when you are close to them, they suck out your whole energy. But how can they suck out your energy if you are an infinite potential connected to infinite intelligence???

I mean, so many people complain these days…Oh, I didnt get my 8 hours of sleep… So what??? I didnt eat anything. So what??? I am tired… I am depressed… I am this and I am that…. Come on. Believe me. You can do better. You can do much more. Potential is infinite, it is endless, I am sure you can find something else to do in this universe instead of complaining.

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