Day 4 of blog challenge – What do you see, hear and smell right now

So it is a day 4 of 15-day blog challenge.


Ahhh, I will have to disappoint you…but nothing. I see my laptop, I see my fingers and white wall…and thats it. I dont  hear anything (here and there little noise that someone outside is maybe making) and I dont smell anything…At least not something with strong smell.

It is just me and my mind. My best friend.

Sometimes I am writing in coffee shop…that is a different thing… But when I am writing in my room, nothing… then I dont like to have any external stimulation… I am not listening to music, not watching anything…because I feel that it is distraction.

Then I have to go inside my mind and find there inspiration and material for my writing.

So thats what I see right now, I see my thoughts. ….

Which brings question to me…are blind people thinking in pictures? Can they envision something?

I was already researching it about it before…and it seems that they can envision thoughts in their minds…and they can dream just like normal people…. But that depends of course.. If person was born blind, then he will probably never develop this ability to envision things in his head and to have visual dreams like we do have. But if person becomes blind during his life, then that is different story…Then it is possible.

I will never forget…couple of years ago, I wan in tram…and blind person gets on the tram as well. It seems that he was aware and sensitive of his environment… He didnt look like he was lost or something… He looked like he knows what he is doing… And he was on tram couple of stations, and then he get out…and outside was blind woman, she was waiting for him… And they hug and kiss… They were probably going on date… And I remember thinking…what interesting world we live in… If I saw that in Hollywood movie, I would probably want to puke…because those romantic movies are always so fake…… but when you see something like that in real life…I dont know… it is sweet. It is almost like fairy tale… two blind people get together…

Anyway, I did my job here… I didnt want to write just few words…that I dont see, hear and smell anything… and ended it with that… So I wrote about what was going through my mind…and what do I see in my mind.

Thanks for reading…and continue following me on this 15-days challenge.


  1. This reminds me of my very first job where I worked in a video store. I know, videos, we stream these days there’s no need for video stores! But I had a deaf customer who liked to come in with his partner, who was also deaf. It was amazing see them communicating to one another, in their own way that no one else (who doesn’t know sign language) can understand. I wondered if they shared their own sign language between one another, like just that they would both understand. Sort of like how those who aren’t impaired have random words that aren’t even in the dictionary but are ‘trendy’ to use – it made me think what they get creative with! It’s absolutely remarkable how clever human beings are that we can do sign language, blind people can navigate on their own, an impairment doesn’t change their quality of life. They live their lives. It’s truly awesome.

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    1. haha so true… yes it is interesting to think about it. I am sure that they get creative with their own sign language… I mean, where is passion, there is a creativity as well…so I am sure they have their own jokes that no one else could understand. yes, people are really awesome


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