NDE or Near-death experiences

NDE or Near-death experience is an experience that happens when people go through clinical death. So, person is dead clinically…but after few minutes, this people get back in their bodies and they become alive again. And it happens quite often. I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds examples like this.. And obvious question is, what happens to that people in those moments when they are dead???

And all people that had near-death experience…they all describe it in very similar way. They feel warm, they feel safe, they see tunnel, light, they see their closed ones that are already dead, they see God, some infinite intelligence…. Pretty much all this people experience similar things and they all say how it was still not their time, so God sent them back in their bodies. And that is very transformative experience… and after it, all this people have reported how their life has changed on better.. They live more fully and they dont fear or worry anymore. And they are telling us, death is nothing to be afraid of.

It is really nice to hear their stories and their examples…. they describe it like a great peace, grace, blessing…those moments when they were dead. And feeling that warmth, I am sure it changes you… Buuuut !!!

I am wondering about one thing. In the moment of death, brain releases huge rush of chemicals in brain…one of those chemical is even DMT which is psychoactive chemical..and it is helpful for imagination, dreams…and by taking DMT externally, it produces hallucinations….

That got me thinking, what if all those beautiful near-death experiences that people are describing…are nothing else but huge rush of chemicals in brain??? It is like natural anesthesia… So what if all those experiences are just hallucinations in the brain??? What happens when we are for sure dead??? …and when we no longer can feel this chemical rush.. What happens then?

I dont want to be party-breaker and say that all those experiences are not real….because I dont know is it real or not…but I am wondering…is near-death experience in reality nothing else but game of mind…???


  1. Life is filled with mysteries and I don’t think we truly know what happens until we go all the way and don’t come back. It may all be real and it may not be. Who can say? There have been some who died and came back with a really bad story to tell as well. I think it’s just something we don’t truly understand which is why I put my faith in God. Very good post, my friend!

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