Day 6 of blog challenge – First memory that comes to your mind

And daaaaaay 6 ladies and gentlemen…of this blogging challenge.


My first memories goes back to when I was 2. I remember being in hospital and I have three memories from there. First one is when nurse came to change my clothes and wash me… second was, when one nurse came and give me banana and I remember throwing it on the floor.. (try to give me banana now..and I will eat banana and your will ask there any more bananas???)  And third memory from that period was when my whole family came to visit me….

Those are first memories of my life that I can recall. And thank God that I forget everything….because it was so boring I think. When you are a baby, you are like toy.. Now they put you here, now they put you there… Now they are taking you with yourself, now someone is taking care of you… I mean…. they do whatever they want to do with you. And you cannot do nothing about it… Now go to sleep. Now go to eat… Now do this… Come on, come and show our neighbors that we dont care about how can you do….I dont know..whatever. Come more…you will become weak if you dont eat… and blah blah blah.

Thank God that I dont remember any of that because I would probably want to get my revenge on all this people manipulating me.

Jokes on side, I am happy with my childhood. I like to go through old photos… It is very nice.


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