‘Joker’ movie

So movie ‘Joker’ is considered to be one of the best movies of 2019. if not even beyond that. I dont think it is beyond that, but.. lets go step through step… because it is really a great movie, it is a masterpiece…

However, now when few months has gone by since I watched that movie…I am beginning to see that there really is a bit of masterpiece in it. I would say that it is really artistic movie. Maybe is little bit too forced…but definitely is an artistic expression. It is really a Joker…or should we say..beginning of Joker. Joker is psychopath.. Most people imagine psychopaths as serious people that dont laugh, dont joke, dont smile…And Joker has always been a dangerous person, but also…he was always dancing, laughing….really psychopathic if you think more about it. And the way they imagine Arthur to be in this movie, is phenomenal. Even before he became known as Joker…we can see him living in world of imagination… He wants to feel important, he wants to be funny… He wants to make other people laugh, he thinks he is a good dancer… he is imagining himself to be in love-relationships… He is expecting so much from reality…but his life is complete opposite from all that… And one of my best scenes is when he was in that train..and those three people start to beat him…and he pulled out a gun and killed them… After that, he went to bathroom and there he was dancing. Like something was liberated in him..all that anger that he was repressing deep in himself, now is liberated..it is almost like an enlightenment for him…. And after that… He develops some kind of ‘mojo’ for himself.. some kind of ‘swag’ … plus, he lost the access to medicine for his mental conditions… And all that… Liberated anger, no more medication, mental health issues, desperation, hopelessness, nothing to live for anymore…is a birth of Joker… And Joker dancing is really one of the most amazing things about this movie… Because dance is an expression of what is going inside… and when Joker is dancing, there is definitely some kind of psychopath vibe coming out of him…

First I was thinking, this movie got nothing to do with DC and Joker…It should be called by different name… but after reflecting back.. I can say that they nailed it.. This is definitely a very good representation of Joker in my eyes. Psychotic, destructive, crazy, no meaning in life…. It is perfect I would say.

But as I said…I just dont like the message of movie. Movie as an artistic expression is phenomenal… But message of movie…I dont like it.


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