Should you study history or not?

For last few months I have been reading about history and ancient civilizations. I can say that it was very helpful for me. I learned a lot. It is fascinating to see how world was developing.. How everything is connected.. How religions were they were spread…how technology was developed… It is really fascinating.. It helps you understand the world better.

Studying history and ancient civilizations…it takes you on journey. I read something interesting, and amazed by that..hundreds of questions pops in my mind. My curiosity awakens.. I am thinking, contemplating…

However, there is one question that gets in my mind…how deep should I go with studying history? Should I give it more time? Should I dedicate more hours to it? Should I keep some kind of timeline where I will put big things that were happening through the history? Should I get some old maps? Should I learn all those names of all those people?  How deep should I go with this?

And let me tell you honestly, conclusion that I came to.. Not very deep. I should not get very deep involved with this because it is useless… There is nothing practical about it.. It is a waste of time… Why should I read about some old gods and know their names when it is clear that they are a by-product of superstitions..?? Why should I invest so much time into something which is not practical? It doesnt give me anything back…

You have limited number of hours in day. Think more about it how do you spend it. Are you reading too much books? They say that reading is good. Well, not necessarily Reading can be too much time-consuming. Specially if you are reading wrong books… Information is useless if you cant make something out of it.

Knowledge is important, I agree with that… But you have to know the difference between knowledge and trivial information. Learning about history and how world was developing…that is knowledge. Knowing exactly the years, names of people, names of cities, rivers…those are trivial informations.

And honestly…I know lots of smart people who know lots of stuff….and they are not successful. And I know lots of people who are not bothered so much with the details…and they are successful. Thats because intelligence is something else. Intelligence is not so much about how you know…but rather, how you are using those things that you know.


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