Day 7 of blog challenge – Meet my pet/pets

Day 7 of blog challenge.


Me and my pets. I have zero pets. As a kid, I used to have cats… One day when I will be older and I will definitely had few dogs.

I had a debate with my cousin. She loves cats and I love dogs. I dont know…I think there is something evil in cats..haha. They come when they want, they cuddle with you…and they leave you when they no longer want you..they ignore you..they play with your feelings. Dogs are much more trustworthy, they are loyal, they are playful, they are useful, they are really happy when they see you… They seem to have more developed soul than cats…

I hope that I dint upset anyone who prefers cats more… I like cats as well… I just think dog can offer you more than cat.


  1. Well.. I agree with you with this. Haha. My cat is Satan, I completely understand where you are coming from. As a cat owner, they absolutely do use you. They think they rule the house!

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