Dont compromise

I dont believe in compromise. It is ok when you make a compromise on some trivial things…yes. you have to do that for sure. And yes…sometimes you have to make compromises in order for relationships to function…

But at things that matter most to you….dont compromise not even a single inch. Dont move from your ground even if they attack you with machine guns, throwing bombs at you…

Last few days, I made few compromises on certain things that I would never do…. Little compromise here.. little compromise there…and all of sudden, you dont feel so confident about yourself. You start doubting yourself. You feel weak, confused…. I didnt had much desire to write…I became too much self-centered and concerned with my worries…and all that because I made few compromises. Which is logical because I let myself down. I disappointed myself.

And I am thinking…how many times I got to learn the same lesson?

Anyway…I did get my ‘mojo’ back, I returned power in my hands…and I plan to keep it here….

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