Day 8 of blog challenge – A typical lazy day for you looks like…

Daaaay 8 of blog challenge.


Lazy days…it is horror. Horror for human mind. I wake up and I just continue to sleep. And that goes for 2,3 hours more… then I finally wake up…thinking…I didnt start day exactly how I was planning to start it…. And then I have this sense of urgency…ahhhh what am I going to do first???? And usually I spend time procrastinating… I am on my computer….and I am fooling myself. I am lying to myself… I am master manipulator when it comes to deceiving myself. I have master manipulator and little naive boy in myself. And so I am going through day really not doing anything…only distracting myself. And when I finally decide to do something, I postpone it for another hour. And then again and again. But I am not relax…I am full of guilt and I feel disgusting about myself… Yes, I am aware that you have to have days when you are little bit more lazy…thats fine… But still there has to be some kind of structure of your day…otherwise, that laziness is just destructive.

You cant feel good about yourself if you had spend whole day in house not doing anything. You just cant. Constantly you have to move, be engaged in something, mentally active…. you either move or you start dying…so on those lazy days…I am dying. I am disrespectful to life, to God… I am not respecting the fact that I have all this mental capabilities and that I have this body….and I am not sharpening my tools… My mind is becoming dull.

Have enough days like this, and very soon you will end up depressed and you will end up on pills… You will become fat, unhealthy, no money, no friends, nothing, you will feel isolated, alienated….and maybe even a suicide thought pops up in your mind.

Laziness is a disaster for human mind and soul. It destroys you completely…

And some people can get by, by being lazy… But speaking for myself…if I am not engaged into something…I am horror for myself and people around me….

Mental health issues are alarmingly increasing in last few years. Good, that means that we are massively becoming lazy… We are looking for easy way out… We are looking for shortcuts… We want to do something without getting our hands dirty and without receiving few punches along the way… It is not good formula…

Laziness is constant fight or flight mode…. And you are flying all the time from problems, from yourself… and it is time to start fighting and push through…


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