Day 9 of blog challenge – Favorite season

Day 9 of blog challenge.


All day all night through the whole year. I really love all the seasons since each one has its own beauty… I love summers as well as winters…and I am just going with the flow and enjoying whichever season there is. So I dont have favorite season. Imagine if you have two kids and I ask you, do you love more this one or this one… You will be like: you dont ask that question.. I love them equally. I dont compare them. The same thing for me is with the weather and seasons.

However, I can tell you which season I like less than others…and thats autumn… To be more specific…September and October. I dont know. They are so much depressing. Days are getting shorter, it is raining….plus, summer is over, people are no longer joyous and relaxed…now they are back to their obligations and responsibilities… The whole atmosphere is different. So I do have problem with autumn…but not with the winter. I love when it is cold…Even the fact that day is ultra short, thats fine… Spring is probably the most beautiful season. Everything is awakening, it is becoming warmer, days are prolonged, birds are singing, flowers start to blossom…. it is beginning of life.

I think it is also important where do you live. I live in Croatia and here we have some kind of moderate, balanced clime… So it is like in school-books…. We dont have any extreme types of weather…

However, I am just enjoying which ever season is.


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