School strikes and our teachers

Not so long ago, we had school strikes. Teachers and professors were demanding higher salaries. It was whole chaos around it. Honestly, I couldnt care less about it…

On one billboard there was some teenage girl saying..something like.. „Our teachers raised us“

It is obvious that she is manipulated and that she has no clue what she is talking about.

I can tell you for sure…my teachers didnt rise me…In fact…I am offended by such saying. We are not in ancient Greece, so we have great Aristotle, Plato and Socrates for teachers…. We have mediocre people for teachers (generally speaking for Croatia). And to be even more specific…my teachers only put fear in my head. They didnt gave me any guidance… They were just complaining about politics and school systems…  It took me years to finally brainwash myself from such a limiting beliefs that my teachers gave me.

My teachers failed to awaken curiosity in me… They didnt made me interested in knowledge and education.. They gave me more negative things than positive…

Damage that they are doing to young kids…I cannot ignore it… They are destroying hope… they are destroying our minds, our imagination, our instincts…

My cousin said it well. They yell at you if you are late few minutes on class…. Can you believe it? Is that really most important thing??? We should yell at them because they are not good teachers..they are not interesting….they are mediocre.

I sincerely apologize to all good teachers out there… Because I know there are many of them.

But honestly…most of my teachers, did more damage than good in my life.

Only when I was not part of any school system…only then my curiosity for knowledge awakened…

I can say without doubt…I wasted 13 years of my life….wasted…

If only someone knew how to channel my energy… If only I had someone who is real master at something….guiding me, teaching me, pushing me, directing me… If only I had a real mentor….someone who was capable to make me strong…I could have been better person today…. but instead…I had mediocre teachers that were complaining, they were weak, they were boring, they bring emotional drama to the table…. I mean, disaster. It is a crime to humanity.


    1. thank you for sharing this… You made excellent points…

      They are out there…i know that for sure…
      your true teacher probably will be a person that you are not even expecting it hahaha…because thats life…unpredictable

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